• Qualified chef 1988. Did her apprenticeship training with Danish chefs Jan Hurtigkarl and Erwin Lauterbach
  • B.Sc. in Nutrition and Home Economics at Suhrs College of Home Economics, Copenhagen 1995
  • Freelance food and travel writer since 1993
  • Sommelier from the Danish Vinakademiet 2014
  • Has done numerous jobs for the Danish Meat Assosiation, the Danish Cancer Society and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, The Copenhagen House of Food/Københavns Madhus and The Danish Beekeepers Association.
  • Delivers lectures – particularly on food quality, large-scale cookery with focus on culinary aspects, food and children
  • Initiator of Oprør fra Maven (»Belly Rebellion«) 2005
  • Kelloggs Communication Prize 2000
  • Cordon Bleu du Saint Esprite’s initiative prize, Denmark 2011
  • Food writer at the weekly magazine Hjemmet 2005–2018 and had a column in the daily paper Information 2004–2015.
  • Member of Slow Food and convivium leader Copenhagen-North Zealand 2009–2015 and member of Slow Food International Council representing the nordic region 2012–2020.
  • Cookery book author
  • Owner of HONNING a speciality shop with local honey visit and @honning_katrineklinken.
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