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Smørrebrød - Danish Open

Smørrebrød is an essential part of Danish and Scandinavian food culture. Katrine Klinken renews the tradition and inspires us to make quality smørrebrød at home. The book presents smørrebrød for both weekdays and special occasions. It includes lots of practical tips and all the basic recipes. The book is directed at everyone with an interest in Danish food culture, tourists and visitors to the country, and it makes a great gift.

The book was printed in Danish 2007 and was sold at the Danish pavilion at Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain.

The printed book is sold out but is available as an ePub for 35 kr./4,5 euro. Photos: Ditte Isager.

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Blurring the Lines – Food, Social Media and Advertising in Denmark

Paper and oral presentation at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2015
By Katrine Klinken and Mogens Bisgaard

Street Food around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

Bruce Kraig and Colleen Taylor Sen, Editors

ABC-CLIO 2013 as print and e-book.

I have contributed about street food in Denmark: the slang at the wiener carts, pork loin sandwiches, handheld bottled beer and a bit about the food scene in our country.

Selected Books in Danish

  • Children’s cookery books: Børnenes Køkken, 560 p. (3 edition, 2013). And seven other children’s cookery books: Børnenes verdenskøkken (2009), Prinsessekogebogen (2008), Børnenes fester – året rundt (2007), Børnenes Fødselsdagsbog (2006), Børnenes Slikbog (2005), Børnenes kogebog and Børnenes bagebog (2003) – Politikens håndbøger.
  • »Tatar«, Vandkunsten 2015. A small book about tatar and 50 recipes from all over the world.
  • »Mad i høkasse«, Vingefang 2014. A small book about cooking in a haybox.
  • »I ♥ nem vegetarisk«, Politikens Forlag 2012
  • »Måltider«, Politikens Forlag 2012
  • »Skaldyr: 75 classical and modern shellfish dishes«, Politikens Forlag 2010
  • »Smørrebrød – Danish Open«, – about the Danish Smorrebrod – traditional and with af modern twist, Thaning og Appel 2007 – English 2008
  • »Sovs skal der til!« – A Sauce For Every Dish, 2008, Olivia
  • »Lutter lagkage« – 50 recipes of layer cakes, 2008, Olivia
  • »Eating time! Healthy food for the whole family« 2007, Thanning og Appel
  • A cookery book for beginners: »Nem Mad«, Politikens håndbøger 2004
  • A book about family traditions during the year: »Familiens bog om årets traditioner«, Politikens håndbøger 2004
  • Revision/adaptation of recipes for basic cooking book and course of instruction »Ingeborg Suhr Mad«, 7th edition Gads forlag 2009
  • The canteen cookery book »Katrine Klinkens Kantinekøkken«, Chr. Ejlers Forlag, 2000
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